Meet The Principal

We got to know Tim van Dalen, the Principal of This Apartment, a little better with this Q&A.

Why real estate?

“The buying and selling of property is laced with excitement. Buyers realising their dreams and sellers capitalising on growth opportunities. To be part of that is a real privilege.”

Why just apartments and townhouses?

“Good question. I think it is because this is when the buying and selling of property is the most exciting. Apartments and townhouses are usually the first rung of the property ladder and buyers are overjoyed when they get their first property. In addition, those that buy to invest, to add to their property portfolio, are also buoyed by the purchase and knowing that you have played a small part in their wealth generation is again, a real privilege.”

Why is This Apartment different?

“We are not an agency for everyone, we specialise in Apartments and Townhouses. The fabric of our organisation is targeted expertise, relentless effort and set fee……….our customers will never pay a commission.”

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have received in real estate?

“A well-presented property that is well-priced, will always sell.”

What are your predictions for the Canberra property market in 2022?

“Well predictions are just that, an educated guess. I believe property prices may temper slightly due to the looming federal election and anticipated rate rises but the very unique supply and demand variables that we are seeing in Canberra and will likely continue to see, will continue to put upward pressure on housing prices.”

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